Player Responsibility Policy

1.  Meet your commitment.  Do not drop out after Wednesday evening.

2.  Notify availability to the selection committee or Team Captain before 6.30pm Monday, including any need to leave early, "play at home" etc.

3.  Players are responsible for checking selection on the Club's Facebook page and must advise any non-availability to Team Captains at the earliest opportunity.  This can be done on the Club Facebook page.

4.  If you have to dropout or cannot play for some reason you must contact your Team Captain in person.  Email, text or voice messages are not acceptable in this situation.

5.  Be on time.  Arrivals at the game should be a minimum of 30 minutes before you start.

6.  Players who arrive after the game has started will be treated the same as if you were a late dropout.

7.  Always play to the best of your ability.

8.  Help your Team Captain on match days: offer to umpire, score and put out/collect boundary markers when required.  "Many hands make light work".

9.  All players will be required to help score at some point.  Those who do not know how will accompany competent scorers to learn until they are confident to score alone.

10.  Ensure that you meet the Club's subscription fee timeframes.  Failure to do so will affect your future selection.  If you require more time, speak to the Team Captain or a Committee Member.  Our preferred method of payment is by depositing the fee into the Geyser City Sports and Cultural bank account, using your name as the 'Reference'.  Our Kiwibank account number is: 38-9000-0407207-00.

11.  Always uphold the "spirit of cricket" both on and off the field.

12.  Abide by the Cricket Association's policy relating to players not consuming alcohol during the period of the match that the game is being played in.

13.  Play as many games as you can and attend practices as often as possible.