Date Posted
23rd Aug 2019

Geyser City Cricket Club accepted into BOP Mens Premier Division


It is with great pride and absolute pleasure that we announce that Geyser City Cricket has been officially accepted to participate in the BOP Mens Premier Division for the upcoming 2019/20 season. This starts with Baywide Cup on October 5th which will be a truly significant day in Geyser’s History. This achievement comes on the back of all of the huge strides the club, and all of you, have made in previous years, and is the culmination of a considerable amount of work from the committee and the BOP cricket board to bring this together.

There are a number of details about our entry that we need to go through with you all, and I am sure everyone will have questions about what this all means, so we will be holding a player muster at 12pm on Sunday 1st September at the Rotorua Stadium, which follows the club AGM at the same venue from 11.00am. Please all attend one or both if you can.

Gaining entry is just the start of what is going to be massive challenge for us all this season and I trust you will share in my excitement for what this means to us and the direction the club is heading in.

It might be raining outside, but this is a truly fantastic day for Geyser.

See you all on the 1st.