Date Posted
5th May 2020

May 2020 Club Update

Hi everyone,

First and foremost I hope you are all safe and well in this very unusual time we find ourselves in.  

I thought it was time for a club update as despite the fact we are in strange times, lockdown hasn’t stopped a number of big developments from occurring, and there are a few questions we have been asked that I thought would be good to provide some news on. So here goes.

  • Geyser Wins! As im sure you will all remember, we announced at the end of the season our club had been nominated for and won the NZ Cricket Club of the Year award. This has now been officially recognized at the ANZ Cricket awards, and is a real honour for the club and Rotorua. We will be working on a bit of press around this in the coming weeks, so look out for that.
  • Premier Cricket Entry. Congratulations to everyone involved with Geysers first ever Premier team, and with everyone’s contribution, we have recently been advised by BOP cricket that our trial was a success and we have been given confirmed entry into the next 2 full premier seasons. Well done everyone!
  • Geyser Coaching Program – Another big initiative for the club last season was the introduction of our very own coaching program. This was new for the club and very much driven by Leanne and Sam, who both did a stellar job with this. We recently put the stats together for this and discovered Sam delivered coaching to over 800 players and students across 7 schools, many club teams, and a number of representative teams. A huge thankyou to Sam and Leanne for this, a great effort here!
  • 19/20 Prize Giving – With the current challenges holding a prize giving now is a bit obviously a bit difficult. We have had a few ideas on how and when we might hold this and we will be deciding on this in the coming weeks. We will let you all know when this is decided.
  • Club AGM – Coming up very soon (Date to be announced following Level 2), will be the club AGM. This is a very important meeting and links to all the hard work going in behind the scenes to make the club run. Please keep an eye out for this and come along if you can. Be great to get everyone’s input.
  • Pre-Season Training and the indoor net – We have been advised the indoor net will be available once we get to level 2. Assuming no new rules are announced from the Government we will be good to go, and as normal please book all sessions through Leanne. Once we are back underway we will also start work on a pre-season program to make sure we get rid of any rust before the season starts!
  • Covid 19 and next Season – There is still a lot of water to go under the bridge between now and the start of the season. There is obviously a number of winter codes keen to get out on the park, so how our season will look is yet to be determined. As news on this comes to light we will share it with you.

Lastly, and on a more personal note, I want to ask a favour of you all. Covid-19 has and will cause a lot of different impacts on all of us and our community. Geyser is a great club of good people and I would ask that you all keep an eye out for each other over the coming months. Also, should any of you need help looking for work or for those in business needing workers, please be sure to reach out to everyone in the club, I’m sure we will all want to help. 

Be Safe everyone, and as always, Go Geyser!